Natalie Koch, PhD

Associate Professor & O’Hanley Faculty Scholar
Department of Geography, Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University
Faculty Coordinator, Central Asia and the Caucasus Research Group
, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

I am a political geographer concentrated on state theory, territoriality, nationalism, citizenship, and authoritarianism. My research focuses on resource-rich states in Central Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, where I examine how people (re)produce place-based affinities and identities, and in so doing, construct moral geographies of liberalism and illiberalism. I am especially interested in alternative sites of geopolitical analysis such as sport, spectacle, higher education, urban development, and other ostensibly positive discourses that constitute differential forms of geo-power, but ultimately enlist individuals as political subjects in nondemocratic polities.

I am currently working on my second book project, Spatializing authoritarianism: A critical geopolitics of the liberal-illiberal divide, and have two ongoing projects about technopolitics in the Gulf region: “Laboratories of liberalism in the Arabian Peninsula” (with Neha Vora) and “Green laboratories: Alternative energy futures and sustainability exemplars in the Arabian Peninsula.”


Commentaries and policy memos


Recent publications

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